Office Manager

As Office Manager at Quickspin you have a fun, versatile and important role. You will be at the heart of most happenings at the company.

The role involves customary Office Manager tasks, such as taking care of our lovely office and making sure that everything is in order. You welcome any external visitors, and make sure that office supplies – as well as other material that needs to be ordered and coordinated – is available at the office.

Since we have a lot of fun activities throughout the year, you will also be in charge of arranging internal events such as After Works, summer- and winter parties, meetings, lunches, etc. You will have a lot of interactions with your co-workers to ensure that they are receiving adequate support in their daily work, and you are on top of seeking the organization’s needs. At Quickspin we value our company culture immensely, and as the Office Manager you will play an important part when it comes to keeping a good and welcoming atmosphere. We like to have fun and to thrive at work!

We also want our Office Manager to work closely with Marketing and HR, to assist and do administrative work when it comes to our work with branding, formal invitations and our visibility on social media. This role comes with an exciting opportunity to evolve and flourish at a fast-growing company, where you will get the freedom to spearhead your own initiatives.

Who you are

You are a positive, service minded and team-oriented person and are intuitive when it comes to supporting your co-workers at the office. You enjoy a high-tempo work environment, and where you are free to be in charge of your own projects and initiatives. It’s important that you have great communication skills, both in spoken word and writing, and you are a skilled administrator with great knowledge of the Office package (or equivalent).

We value your personal qualities, but would also like to see that you have a couple of years working experience within service oriented professions. If you have knowledge and experience with marketing in any form – either from school or previous jobs – it’s a huge plus.

We are an international company with employees from all over the world. Because of this it’s important that you are fluent in Swedish and English, both in writing and speech.


At Quickspin we are passionate about our work and have an exemplary company culture. We are proud of the high results we get on company surveys, and we want to keep working on being the best possible organization. Working with us you will get the opportunity to grow and advance within your role, and each day you will be part of making a difference.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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If you have any questions you are more than welcome to contact our HR Manager Sandra Lindberg at